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Track Unlimited Keywords For Unlimited GMB Listings

All Information Saved to csv File, Easily send to your clients each month.

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Easily Download Niche Related Image From GMBs

Search Any Niche, Any City, Any Time and download unlimited GMB Niche Related Images.

How Buying #GMBHunter Could Put Money In Your Pocket

Knowing exactly where the unclaimed GMB Listings are means you can offer GMB Optimization services to them in a purely ethical way!

It’s no secret that Google’s ever changing rules can pose a challenge or two for us online folk, but you can’t overlook the mass of opportunities this brings. Google’s rules and structure are a fantastic launchpad for new and existing businesses - but THEY don’t always know this. This is where YOU come in..

IF, you’re on the ball.

Unclaimed GMB Listings Are Virtual Treasure Troves!

The amount of businesses not claiming their GMB listing is phenomenal, so this presents a huge opportunity for those in the know - like your good selves…

So as is customary in the Mass Optimizer world - I ‘just happen’ to have created a tool to optimise (see what I did there?) the process of identifying the unclaimed listings.

Introducing #GMBHunter…

It does exactly what it says on the tin with the usual Mass Optimizer super simple functionality. In one foul swoop you can literally identify the available listings and create endless opportunities from them.

There are already plenty of people making a decent buck by offering this much needed service. This is opportunity well and truly knocking, which is why I felt a tool was the best way to simplify the process.

Using #GMBHunter will help you to:

  • Save unlimited amounts of unclaimed GMB Listings.Thinking about targeting a particular Niche? No problem!
  • Automatically Save GMB Information - Name, Address, Phone Number, Website (if they have one).
  • Identify quick and easy to fix GMB optimization problems and issues using the output CSV File as your guide.

Wondering how this can be turned into an opportunity?

Take a look at what one of my member’s said when he saw the new tool - this is taken from inside our Facebook group…

Brooks said "I see this as the opportunity to pick low hanging fruit and offer GMB Optimization services for 'unclaimed' GMBs. 100% ethical. I am currently charging $1,995 for this service and raising my price every month. This is for citation updates, GMB optimized business descriptions, MassOptimized 'photos' driving direction 'maps' using LocalMapsOptimizer and 6 GMB 'posts'.

Let's just say I can close 1 account per day off what this tool finds... 20 business days in a month, $2k a piece, $40k/month $500k per year. Sounds like a 'business plan' to me."

Obviously this only relates to the GMB monthly optimisation services and doesn’t even factor in any potential income from Web Design, SEO services or Lead-Gen you may offer too.

How Do You Plan On Using #GMBHunter:

That’s just how Brooks uses the GMB Hunter tool and as you can see he’s getting GREAT results! The results you can get will obviously differ as any of our tools are only as good as the end user, but like Brooks said - this is a great business in the making for anyone so with a decent work ethic and a fair price that could be YOU!

I am sure you can see now how this service can be packaged into a fantastic offering for your clients and prospects. The beauty of using GMB Hunter for this, is that it takes all of the legwork out of the process for you.

Here’s just a few ways putting the tool to use could benefit you:

  • Offer ongoing GMB ranking reports using the FREE GMB Tracker Included,
  • Find unlimited potential GMB businesses hourly - every hour, every day!
  • Offer a free service and advice to your prospects as a foot in the door,
  • Offer ongoing GMB Optimisation Services - Citation Updates, GMB Category Optimization, Optimised & GEO Tagged Images, Daily GMB Posts
  • Create daily GMB posts with images and/or videos,
  • Sell The Information To People Unaware Of The Tool You Have Access Too !
  • Find unlimited potential GMB businesses hourly, Every hour, Every day!!
  • Offer optimised GMB descriptions and GMB Website Creation.
  • Offer Website Design Services (if they don’t have a website listed)
  • Offer ongoing SEO services for the above website
  • Offer Lead generation services


The opportunities really are endless - they’re limited only by your capacity to service THAT many people!

For example, you have a friend who’s a plumber so you start with this niche. You optimise your buddy’s listing, and he also realises what a trick he’s missing and spouts out all the ways this could work for him so you’re head is now buzzing with SO many ideas!

Even if you ONLY concentrated on the plumbing niche, how many plumbers could you find in any town, city who would BENEFIT from your help? Let’s not forget, not only are you creating an income for you, your are helping people who are unaware of this valuable resource!

Many of the unclaimed listings are people not in the know with digital marketing. Think of any business type which are likely to be searched for - especially emergencies - that’s when people jump into Google to find a quick fix:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Hairdressers and Barbers
  • Roofing Companies
  • UPVC Window & Door Installation Companies
  • Dentists

The list goes on - you get the picture. You’re giving these businesses the advantage over their competitors so this is such an ethical way of making a living you’re almost collecting halo’s as you go!

Okay so we’re getting a little carried away, but with any business offering you always need to ask yourself ‘What’s in it for them?’ and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to answer this one! Having a well optimised GMB listing could be the difference between a business eternally struggling or having a steady stream of customers coming to them, happily directed by Google.

Keep Your New Clients Happy

Once you’ve completed your new client’s GMB listing, looking after them well and offering the other services and upsells as and when they need them is an absolute goldmine for you.

Just look at the images above of how many listings are just sitting there doing absolutely nothing. It’s almost criminal when you think about the potential of each and every one of them! That’s ‘virtual money’ not being spent guys - let’s let these businesses know you can help them.

Oh and you may be wondering what the price is for my ‘one tool business plan’??

Give it a go for just one month - if Brooks is making the kind of money he’s mentioned, so could you if you USE it…

Just sayin’....

Janurary Sales 2021
$ 297 (+ GMB Q&A Software Free)